Update October 2013

So here I am.

Yep, I’m actually here writing on this blog.

No, you aren’t just seeing things, I’m actually writing this…

Why has it taken so long for an update? Anything? …because I’ve been busy with life, that’s why.

So on with the update…

I’ve made some incredible progress, despite the slow nature of writing, working, moving, and attending school. I just finished outlining an important scene yesterday, that will bring a major twist to the plot of the story.

I’ve mostly been working on structure and outline the last few months. Due to the nature of writing a large saga, you must consider later installments in the first book. At least, in my case you do. I have the ending all planned, but to get there and keep things flowing in a realistic manner, I must keep things correlated. Some times I envy the seat-of-the-pants style writers…

Author Interview: Vanessa Wester

Blogg: http://www.vanessawesterwriter.blogspot.co.uk/
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Vanessa Wester is bilingual in English and Spanish, since she was born and raised in Gibraltar. She first moved to England to further her education and obtained a degree in Accounting and Law from the University of Southampton, United Kingdom. Initially, she embarked on a career in Chartered Accountancy. After a couple of years it became obvious she was not cut out to work in an office. A change in vocation led her to become a Secondary School Teacher of Mathematics, which she loved. For many years, she has been a stay at home mum and gives up a lot of her time towards voluntary organisations. She still teaches math as a private tutor and has many hobbies which include swimming, walking, reading, singing and acting.  She is also a qualified A.S.A. Swimming Teacher and volunteers on weekends at her local swimming club. Writing is her passion. The day she decided to start writing was the day she found an outlet for her imagination. It is the best way she can think of to express herself and escape from everyday life.

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Progress update:

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to give all those asking an update to my progress. Things have been crazy, and the epiphanies that I’ve had recently are awesome (at least I think so)! Let me give you the rundown of my latest thought process:

So there I was, writing away, when I discovered that my main character was missing part of his personality…

Ok, so I need to work on him a bit. Well, with some of the personality changes I made the plot line needs altering, and so does some of the world….

…no, a whole bunch of the world needs changed…

…woah it really needs a revamp, because the story won’t work the way I had it…sigh…back to the drawing board…

Wow, now it works for that scene… 

…omg, this makes it so much better, this story is becoming a tale on epic proportions…the history itself is staggering!

There you have it,  I’ve taken a step back on the narrative to work on characters and world building again, but scenes are now flying at me even when I am busy at work. I have to get myself organized and keep notebooks everywhere. This writing thing is starting to become fun.