Classifying the Art of Dance

The following is a paper written for a dance appreciation class.  The requirements for the paper included responding to the question, “What is Dance?” while including various points from specific lectures (I.E. the propaganda section).  It’s not my best work, but due to a request, I am posting it anyway. Enjoy!

What is dance? That question has a myriad of answers stemming from all aspects of the art. When I was first approached with this question, at the beginning of the semester, I had many ideas as to, what the answer to this question was. I entertained the thought that the art of dance is an expression of feelings and emotions reflected upon movement to rhythms. While that idea may be true in substance, it is incomplete in description. It leaves out some very import parts or avenues within the art of dance. In this essay I will attempt to establish a more complete definition of dance and its role in the human condition. Continue reading

Thoughts on Modern Dance

I had a school assignment on modern dance, that I found interesting. I have decided to post some of  it here for people to read and maybe learn something, or be introduced to something new. I like looking at things from a historical perspective and my research came across some interesting facts about modern dance history. First of all, the term breakdancing covers a wide rang of modern styles, but for this article I use the term to mean styles more closely related to hip hop.

Breakdancing, what is it, and where did it come from? To be able to answer that question we need to go back to the early 1970s. This was a time in which many changes were happening in the music and dance industry. Disco had just taken off and the Hustle was prominent there. Things like Saturday Night Fever, lent to the art of battling; where two or more dancers would try to prove who was the better.  This concept appealed to many youths, including street gangs. Continue reading