Welcome – to the Writer’s Zone

You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another place: a place of sound, a place of sight, a place of mind. You’re moving into a world of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. Forget who you are and who you were; they don’t matter. It’s a place where right is wrong and wrong becomes right. Your ability to cope with and understand the world around you slides down the path of endless confusion. You begin to enter…the Writer’s Zone.

Join me as I tour the dark recesses of my mind, in search of literary gold. I hope to include many facets of interest, like health and improvement, technology, and author interviews, as well as updates on my novel and other writing progress.

If you are a fellow writer and would like me to conduct a review or interview, please contact me.

Thanks, enjoy your stay!



Work In Progress

The following graphic is to help track my progress on my novel. Since this is a series, I will only track the current unfinished book.

Book 1 Enigma - Progress

There is more written for the other books in the series, but this is the progress on the first book. Shocked? Me too.