Wings of Courage

I felt like sharing a short poem I wrote when I was very young. I was inspired with the imagery of a young bald eagle taking his first flight, and the words seemed to rush out. I hope this may inspire someone who might otherwise give up when standing at the precipice. Enjoy:

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Food for thought:

Life get in the way of creativity. I could end this post there and be satisfied, but I would feel a bit like a bum if I did. I really don’t like the way everything in life is so urgent and demanding of our time; to the extent that we have to forego some things in order to get others done. The question is why do we do it? Well, for one we need to live…i.e. food, shelter, and clothing, yet we let other things that are not important become so. For example: TV series; how many people have part of their lives revolve around a TV series, or sports, or comedy central? These and similar things are diverting as they should be, but we give them too much importance. There is so much potential locked up in each and everyone of us that should not be wasted on TV and the like.

My challenge is to devote myself to using at least a portion of diversion time to working on my book each and EVERY day. I have a long commute to work and will use that time to scheme up new plot twists and scenes.

I recommend, to anyone within my voice, that you take this as a challenge for yourself. You know when you could add even five minutes to your future or your passion. Why let things like TV get in the way?

Music & Meditation

The sign of a good song is the way it affects emotions, despite the current state of mind. Imagine the song that takes you away, from the current worries, and makes you feel like your floating in perfect harmony.   This may be a rare occurrence for some and has never happened for others, but it can happen. That’s the point.

When we carry stress or sadness for so long that we don’t remember that we even have it, we can’t work on the cause. We don’t realize anything is wrong and therefore carry a weight on our shoulders for life. I have found one way to help lift and release some of these pent up worries and emotions. Meditation is a good thing, but how many of us can even sit for the time it takes to do so? Next, how many of us can really clear our thoughts like we need, in order to meditate? Few, in my opinion. So how can we learn to calm our minds in order to do some real introspection? I think I may have found a way that helps to focus the mind, yet open up what we have buried away. This would be to combine music with meditation. Continue reading

Choose to smile – Choose to be happy – Choose success

Our state of mind is a choice that reflects the emotions we allow to have priority. Think about that for a moment; now picture the guy sitting on a bench with a frown on his face and his shoulders slumped over and leaning his head on his hands. We have all seen someone like this. Now think about how the guy looked, was he scruffy, were his clothes wrinkled, or did he look professional? What reputation did you give him in your mind? Did the sorry state of the man help to determine his image as you pictured him. I thought so. We all go through trials and hard times. Some times are better than others, but only we can decide our response to them. I heard a story, on the radio, a while ago that illustrated this point well; it goes like this:

John is the kind of guy you love to hate. He is always in a good mood and always has something positive to say. When someone would ask him how he was doing, he would reply, ‘If I were any better, I would be twins!’  He was a natural motivator. Continue reading


Isn’t life crazy arround the holidays? Think about all that Christmas shopping, all the sales gimmicks, the political maneuvers, the work we get stuck with ’cause ‘Joe” left on vacation… It’s enough to make one crazy, stressed or even depressed!

I admit, I had my moment a few days ago when everything, including the car breaking down, happened at once. I thought I was going to lose it; the stress was beyond my ability to cope.  Here is how I handled it:

First of all, I have to tell you that I have over an hour commute to and from work. On my way home instead of my normal radio stations, I tuned into something with Christmas music. I tried to forget everything bugging me and just listened for a while. I pondered what Christmas was like as a kid; waking up very early, looking through the stocking, going to see the tree, etc… I remembered caroling at people’s homes. I thought of the meaning behind the season. I thought of what we should learn and remember from that birth.  Continue reading