Wings of Courage

I felt like sharing a short poem I wrote when I was very young. I was inspired with the imagery of a young bald eagle taking his first flight, and the words seemed to rush out. I hope this may inspire someone who might otherwise give up when standing at the precipice. Enjoy:


The eagle stands in his nest
and looks toward the sky.
He takes in air, fills his chest,
and spreads his wings to fly.

There is a chance that he might fall,
though probably, he’ll flourish,
will he try, and give his all,
to soar on wings of courage?

You and I stand in our nests,
looking at the sky.
Will we try, and give our best,
to spread our wings and fly?

If we decide to give our all,
our thoughts and dreams we nourish,
take the jump and brave the fall,
we’ll soar on wings of courage.

-Michael Lambson

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