The Author

Mike Lambson was born  in 1982; he lives, with his wife, in the beautiful, rugged state of Nevada.  His inspiration to write came from years of reading fiction, his love for life, his family, and his country.  Ironically, he hated writing as a child, but has since learned that there is magic in storytelling.

I am an aspiring author writing a science fiction novel that takes place nearly 1000 years in our future. This is a huge undertaking for me as I have never written anything of this caliber yet, but I revel in the challenge and hope to make a lasting impression in my future readers.

My target audience will be ‘Young Adult’ and ‘Adult’. I was once told that “you have to choose one or the other”, but I don’t feel that’s quite correct. My stories have a depth to them that should keep even the most studious readers intrigued, yet enough action and adventure for young readers as well.

I read The Hobbit at a very young age, age 8, and believe that a novel can bridge the gap between children and adults. In spite of being a 30-year-old adult, I am a child at heart, and that aspect of my persona will never change.

2 thoughts on “The Author

  1. Mike this site is amazing! I uploaded some of your writing so far to Instapaper so I can read it later today. I think what you’re doing here is so cool!

    Russ (auburnman) 😉

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