System Colonies

What an early Colony might look like.

Completed areas of Colony V

There are five colonies throughout the solar system.

Colony I – also called luna, is on earth’s moon.

Colony II – is a martian mining colony.

Colony III – is a large asteroid mining facility operating from Ceres, in the asteroid belt.

Colony IV – is the moon of Venus taken from the moons of Jupiter. This moon has developed it’s own atmosphere and has been terraformed to support life. The gravity is low and plant life is interesting.

Colony V – Venus, by this time – 2933, will be habitable.

The process below will take many hundreds of years, beginning almost eight hundred years before Daelan Carwyn was even born.

Colony IV

The high amount of sulfuric acid in the atmosphere would be converted to water and sulfur compounds via bacteria.

The process would be slow at first, but as plants become established, the process quickens. Eventually the planet’s growing water supply would stabilize the climate, turning Venus into a virtual paradise.

What a terraformed Venus may look like from orbit.

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