Truth & Dissent Series ~ Enigma

In a world of violence, heartbreak, and deep conspiracies; it’s the  struggle for survival, the distortions of truth, and the death of liberty that create – Dissidence.

Truth and Dissent is the working title of my début novel. It is a science fiction, placed near the end of the third millennium, where cars can drive themselves, Martian colonies exist, and mining in space  is a common reality.  Unfortunately, the earth is not the utopia people would wish it be. The single world government has become what some today fear could happen. There are dark secrets lurking behind the scenes and if you are the wrong type of person or ask too many questions they really will be out to get you. This future world is not all bad, people live longer then what is common in the second-millennium and Psionics – people with physical and mental psychic abilities – are appearing despite madness, confusion and prejudice. Venus’ five-hundred year terraforming process has nearly been completed, and although technology may not have increased to the levels expected in a one thousand-year period, people’s general understanding and awareness of the world around them has increased and they are making themselves known. Enter this future world, where people are not happy with the way society is quickly falling into chaos. The corruption and lies run rampant through the streets, and when people learn the truth the result is – dissent.

Read the excerpt ~ Nightmare

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