Music & Meditation

The sign of a good song is the way it affects emotions, despite the current state of mind. Imagine the song that takes you away, from the current worries, and makes you feel like your floating in perfect harmony.   This may be a rare occurrence for some and has never happened for others, but it can happen. That’s the point.

When we carry stress or sadness for so long that we don’t remember that we even have it, we can’t work on the cause. We don’t realize anything is wrong and therefore carry a weight on our shoulders for life. I have found one way to help lift and release some of these pent up worries and emotions. Meditation is a good thing, but how many of us can even sit for the time it takes to do so? Next, how many of us can really clear our thoughts like we need, in order to meditate? Few, in my opinion. So how can we learn to calm our minds in order to do some real introspection? I think I may have found a way that helps to focus the mind, yet open up what we have buried away. This would be to combine music with meditation. Continue reading