Progress update:

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to give all those asking an update to my progress. Things have been crazy, and the epiphanies that I’ve had recently are awesome (at least I think so)! Let me give you the rundown of my latest thought process:

So there I was, writing away, when I discovered that my main character was missing part of his personality…

Ok, so I need to work on him a bit. Well, with some of the personality changes I made the plot line needs altering, and so does some of the world….

…no, a whole bunch of the world needs changed…

…woah it really needs a revamp, because the story won’t work the way I had it…sigh…back to the drawing board…

Wow, now it works for that scene… 

…omg, this makes it so much better, this story is becoming a tale on epic proportions…the history itself is staggering!

There you have it,  I’ve taken a step back on the narrative to work on characters and world building again, but scenes are now flying at me even when I am busy at work. I have to get myself organized and keep notebooks everywhere. This writing thing is starting to become fun.

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