Love’s Tale

This, I wrote for my wife,
and I thought someone might
appreciate it. It's probably a 
bit cheesy and corny, but I'll
post it anyway. So, enjoy.

Love’s Tale

In ages long past, and in times gone by,

Tales of love make us weep, make us sigh,

Filling our hearts and making us yearn,

We search for our love, rising steady and firm.


We dream ourselves kings and queens in a castle,

Dancing and singing and wearing fine tassel,

Hoping and dreaming and wishing to find,

A person so sweet, so pure, and so kind.


Will we find, the one of our dreams,

Riding the waves, midst silver moon beams?

Or will we see them in forests so pretty,

Or find them in villages, islands, or city?


The tales we dream, make our eyes water,

Our hearts skip a beat, and our breaths quake and falter,

When someone walks into our lives happenstance,

And we fit like a glove, or a song at a dance.


We can’t really fathom, why differences mingle,

And make our hearts jump, and our skin start to tingle,

Oh this can’t be real, we think and we say,

While fusion begins in an intimate way.


A family grows from that, which was vowed,

Filling our souls with a beauty endowed,

We give thanks to God, amazed that He’d send

The one of our dreams, our very best friend.




~By Michael Lambson



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