I’d love to visit this cave!

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Sunday, October 10 at 8 – 10PM ET/PT


It looks like Superman’s fortress. Hidden deep beneath the earth is a magnificent cavern filled with giant razor-sharp crystals.  The size of a football field and about as high as a two-story building, this giant Crystal Cave may be one of the greatest natural marvels ever found.  While first investigating the cave in 2008, scientists suspected it could be the doorway to a vast system of interconnected chambers.  Then in 2009, tantalizing new clues came to light when miners drilling a ventilation air hole attached a camera to the drill bit. The grainy footage revealed a cavern 500 feet below and what appeared to be a new giant crystal formation. Now National Geographic Channel and the international team of scientists have returned to mount a daring new attempt to reveal even more amazing subterranean phenomena.

Naica, Chihuahua…

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