Finals week…

So here I am, smack dab, in the middle of finals. This is the worst time for creativity as I am using it to the max to finish a paper. How many times have you ever sat down to write a paper for a class, opened Word (grabbed the nearest blank sheet of paper) and stared at it with a longing, and hope that words might just, well, appear. Then you sit and you think. You might even start a sentence, just to erase it realizing that it was garbage or just not what the paper is about.

I’ve not had this problem before now, so I attribute it to stress and the requirements for this paper are vague. The professor wants me to write from my opinion, a surmise of the subject of the class, yet include untold details from earlier lectures. We have been told that we will be graded on content from the unstated lectures, along with the completeness of our stated opinion.


It makes me tired just thinking of what lies before me. *YAWN* Where was I? Uh, I forgot… Anyway, if it weren’t for all the other school and work deadlines I don’t think this would be so difficult, it’s just the timing and fatigue getting in my way.

Well, I think this concludes the update on my current situation. Onward ho!


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