It’s official, I’m a nerd…

It’s official, I am a nerd. My wife said it!

Ok, so now that I think about it, it is probably true. You see, I fixate on random facts and ideas, that to me are interesting, but to everyone else…well, you can see it in the way they roll their eyes. Alright, take novels, how many times do you find yourself finding inconsistencies with the magic system in a fantasy, or remember a tidbit of information that was never used properly, or realize that the science in the sci-fi novel was way too un-believable? This is me, this is my life. I am not a critic, yet I seem to criticize novels, movies, games, etc… I still love them!

Next, we get to my topics of interest. I want to try everything. I love music, books, electronics, computers – i.e. the net, video games, paper and dice games (hush to all you haters), high adventure activities, fishing, swimming, climbing, boating, traveling (well the visit to other places actually, not so much the travel itself) and so on… I like just about anything to do with the sciences. I am frugal by nature and would rather try to build something than buy it (doesn’t always work out). I come up with business ideas on a weekly or monthly basis, and then I do some research and find the cost of operation (permits, licenses etc.) typically outweigh the profits; that or the cost of start-up is more than I have made my entire life times ten.

I haven’t even touched on my bucket list, I don’t think I can write it without spending two months in the process. Suffice it to say, publishing a fictional series is near the top of my list, followed closely by composing a symphony, starting a successful company in manufacturing, and building a space craft. I just scream nerd, eh?

So there you have it, a brief look into me, a nerd. 😉

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